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March 23, 2018

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In today's world everyone has some form of social media it seems.  I have thought of an idea over the years and am not sure if it is necessarily something that is around.  While I am not one of those who plays computer games I do realize that there are a good bit of college students who do.  Sometimes I feel like some of these individuals get stuck playing these games on the weekends because they don't have many friends.  So I have an idea for a new social media, it would be called Nerd Up Gaming.  And this is how it works, this would only be for college students, you would sign up with your .edu.  And then you would list the games that you play.  This way you would be able to connect with individuals at your school or surronding schoosl in the area that play the same game or similar games.  


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    There already exists applications that are very similar to this. I suggest checking out an application called 'Discord'. Its a place meant to attract gamers of all different walks of life. You could easily create a server and get people to join it from a specific college, all you'd have to do is send out a server link.
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    Hello, this is a great idea and innovation. This would also open up doors for networking within other surrounding college students. This as well would build relationships with students. Even having one domain for certain students is an ecstatic idea. This would open many doors and I feel even open the door to a blue ocean strategy.
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    I understand the premise and believe it could be successful. You may want to think of a new name or it will probably only be embraced by the people that call themselves nerds.