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February 20, 2018

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Ok here it goes for both alienware 15 & 17

1. Heat is still issue like other brands have more mesh at back. Dust may be issue but the gain of airflow will reduce temps significantly. Pls also make back cover of 15 & 16 so that one can buy it as optional accessory.

2. The user have very old looking limited control on alienware i am watching same command centre past 5 years plus. Have a look at asus, lenovo, msi. The functionality and quality of software really outshines the alienware decade old look.

3. Alienrespawn was best to get system restored, even though microsoft gave something new win win 10 still alien respawn is best and would take few seconds to restore entire ssd.

4. Keep old loyal customers with you else with more offerings from other brands you will see people switching .

5. Listen to feedback just do not document it.

6. My laptop is new alienware 15 with 7820hk but the moment i enable overclocking via bios at OC level 1 it does not boot but throws win 10 not able to boot error.

7. Both software and hardware needs more integration and something new for consumer to feel cared for.