Dell inspired - Chip on the shoulder

April 28, 2018

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Transform the persona of information technology. Give the IT services industry shoulder pads! Some scientist, techies, engineers, and mathematicians drink Red Bull too! Many IT organizations could use some competitive (trash) talk to get the juices flowing a bit. Really go after Cisco and others (Facebook) in the battle to improve cybersecurity and user privacy, through continuous exploration of new technology (i.e. quantum computing). I’m no expert but at the end of the day industry leaders are in battle, correct? Be the actively working change people want to see. This may mean rolling up your sleeves and showing a bit of muscle, or lack thereof, even if the technology is not within complete grasps or cost efficient at this time. Start by bumping the “Security” menu option under the Products & Services drop down to the top of the list on the Dell homepage. Current events show government agencies leading the charge to address concerns of cybersecurity and user protection. This should not be the case. Dell can be one of the world’s most ethical companies, with a chip on its shoulder, or not.