May 23, 2007

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I would love to see a tablet that offered extendable feet like that on a keyboard to prop up a tablet to a better writing angle. Just about everyone I know with a tablet, while in slate mode, props there tablet up with books, or if me, my wallet because the leather of the wallet keeps the tablet from sliding. This is a feature I would think all in the tablet world appreciate even though it is something we easily forgoe. I don't think it would be too difficult to do that. Having the slate at an angle, too, helps with glare from overhead lights considerably. Propping my slate made a world of difference for me between classes and conference rooms . Plus, it is a more comfortable writing position.


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Status Update - This idea has been Implemented in the XPS 18 tablet.  The feet can prop the tablet into a comfortable typing position or for easier viewing.  Thank you for posting.  


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    I think this is a good idea if it could be done with sturdy "peg" stick legs, maybe 2 of them located strategically. The only worry i would have is someone breaking them off. Hopefully they would remember to put them back in when not in use.