Linux Wireless, Video Drivers

February 24, 2007

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Status: Implemented


Make the drivers for your wireless cards available for those of us who run Linux. I bought a Dell Inspiron 1501, but there are no Linux native drivers for it. I also have the ATI graphics Radeon Xpress 1150, but no Linux drivers available for it. It would be great if Linux drivers were available for all the hardware you make and sell.

DELL/ Status Update

All wireless cards have Linux drivers available


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  • Jun 29, 2008     Comment Link

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    Getting Dell Drivers for Linux should not be a pain. The best prime example is the famous Broadcom wifi where you gotta spend lots of time finding it,and figuaring out how to use them,etc.Dell should make a special drivers dvd that has every driver imaginable for dell products to port the drivers onto Linux,I'd even pay the the driver cd!
  • May 14, 2007     Comment Link

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    @DUPLICATEOF 62329
  • Mar 1, 2007     Comment Link

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    Companies selling preinstalled Linux (unlike Dell).
  • Feb 24, 2007     Comment Link

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    Yes, ALL Dell PCs should have a "Designed For Linux" sticker on the outside, right next to the Designed For Windows sticker. It's really quite easy to build in hardware which is compatible in both operating systems.