Copy and paste all fields in a form

March 23, 2018

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This may be a little specific, but I do quite a bit of data entry at work, mostly in Microsoft programs. I would like to be able to fill in several different fields in a form and copy all of those fields into their corresponding field on another form. For instance, I have to fill in information in about 12 different fields with different numbers in each field. I would like to be able to copy every field at the same time and paste the information into the corresponding field on a blank form all at one time instead of having to copy and paste each individual field.


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    I really like this idea! There may even be current programs available now to help you with this. Personally, I also have a job that requires constant typing and filling in fields. Autofill is my best friend when I am finally ready to file something into my system. I would for sure use something like this, in order to help innovate and make my job easier. Great idea!