New recovery option idea: SupportAssist Factory Re-Image USB

November 12, 2017

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I give kudos to Dell for providing two options for recovering a system: SupportAssist OS Recovery (on separate partition; used in conjunction with Factory Image Restore), and downloadable "vanilla" OS recovery media. This gives the user options on bringing back a computer to life.

However, on the SupportAssist OS Recovery method, it is lost when the vanilla media is used to re-image the hard drive. And there is no way to restore the "full" factory image (with the operating system, apps & drivers preinstalled; as if you were setting up a new Dell PC) after that.

So my idea for more recovery options is:

  • Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery (Factory Image Restore) - Used to back up files, diagnose, repair, or restore the entire computer to factory settings.
  • Dell SupportAssist Factory Re-Image USB (must be downloaded) - Same as above, but can also be used for "bare-metal recovery" (blank hard drive).
  • Operating System Recovery Media (must be downloaded) - For advanced (and adventurous) users, this media contains a "vanilla" image of Windows 10, without the Dell pre-installed drivers and apps. Useful if user doesn't wants a "clean" Windows without the bloatware.
These options would benefit the user, if a restore is ever needed.


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    UPDATE: I meant to say "Useful if the user WANTS a "clean" Windows", instead of "DOESN'T wants".