Offer entry-level consumer laptops with option for more RAM

April 11, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged


I was in the market for a small/light (11.6" screen) laptop or 2-in-1. I did not care about the fastest processor, as it would be a second computer, but I did want 8GB of RAM, which in 2018 is really the minimum 90% of home/office customers need for web browsing, videos, Office, etc. None of your 11.6" home options offer more than 4GB of RAM. Worse, none of them are user-upgradeable; the RAM is soldered to the motherboard. SO I could not even buy an Inpspiron 11.6" 3179, for instance, and upgrade it myself to 8GB of RAM. As a result, Dell lost my business to a competitor. I highly recommend you at least make an option for 8GB for even your basic, cheap laptops. I would have loved 8GB in the Inspiron 3179 with a Pentium N4200 or Core m3 processor, and a small 128GB SSD. And I would have paid a premium to have that configuration. I am sure I am not alone.