XPS 15 9570 wishlist -- add your wishes here too

May 12, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged


Bought and with deep regrets, returned the 9560: 
- Arrived formatted in legacy boot, took an hour to realize BIOS were wrong and reconfigure
- Service tag was unkown to Dell Support on day of delivery and first call
- Basic web browsing was extremely laggy, apparently was a driver bug

As far as feature request: 
- more emphasis on quality control at the factory
- no bloatware, pure Windows install
- Intel Iris Graphics for those seeking power efficient option in CPU-bound workloads
- 4K USB-C monitor, 27-32 inch size with 5 port USB hub to remove need to docking station and power cable
- Better keyboard on par with Lenovo T and P series
- Non-fingerprint magnet chassis
- Keep up the excellent 4K display in the 9560. It is/was fantastic

If I get the XPS15 9570 it will be used as desktop replacement for video editing. Thanks!