Provide Contact Person for Dell's IdeaStorm

August 21, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged


For Dell, the IdeaStorm is a great tool to interact with the clients and anybody interested in Dell.
However, when IdeaStorm members have specific questions about the contest, there is no information about a contact person on Dell's side - for example, with questions regarding the IdeaStorm or the ideas.

The provision of contact details would help the customers that they do not feel like interacting with an anonymous homepage - but also with Dell's employee.


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    Even acknowledgement that a "Dell Rep" has even reviewed your post.  How does anyone here even know this is reaching Dell?    Good idea CPescher, got my vote.
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    yes, I have the following question. There is a scientific research paper that uses data from Dell's Ideastorm, stating that the data is publicly available.

    I want to replicate the study and, thus, ask the community manager, whether the data is available for download somewhere.

    Do you have any information on that?
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    Hi CPescher,

    I`m not a Dell employee, I am a volunteer helping on this page. There are No Dell employees on here to contact. If you have any questions, I may be able to help.