Phenom II just out, give AMD a chance and release an AMD XPS system.

January 8, 2009

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Dell, i think its a long enough wait for an AMD system, you've dissapointed AMD gaming fans for a while now. The new Phenom II's are just out and i think they're worthy to be placed under the XPS brand.
The Phenoms also come with the new Dragon Platform so it would be nice to see a single or dual option for the high end ATI graphic cards (ie 4870X2's).
The new Phenoms now also draw less power and remain very cool, making them greener than their predecessors.

The Phenom 940 seems to be already competing with the Intel Core i7 in some gaming benchmarks, and with a much lower price tag.

Some benchmarks:

So i hope to see some AMD builds soon, besides, options and green are what Dell is all about.

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