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March 23, 2018

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Social tools :Socialisation with in employees, casual chats, discussion, get along with outside societies helps in generating new ideas and brainstorm it to form a structured idea or group of thoughts.

My idea is to have a special discussion board for all employees to chat and right there concerns and respond to each other rather for them to keep there ideas in mind they should share them with each other and have more progress. 


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    Hi Areej,

    This would be a great idea for the workplace. Many times employees are so busy trying to complete their tasks that they forget to discuss their ideas or thoughts with their co-workers. This would be perfect in many ways, but definitely if they had an idea come up and rather than forgetting to mention it to someone they could easily post in the discussion forum making it easier for all to see and discuss. 
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    I think it is an important benefit for employees to be able to communicate their thoughts, struggles, and ideas in order to improve.
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    Hey Areejismall,
    I believe that is a great idea. This could be extremely beneficial for companies by generating innovative ideas within there own company. It would also give lower-level employees a channel to voice their ideas. Great idea!