Blade Workstations

August 25, 2007

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Status: Implemented


Dell should make a workstation blade like IBM and HP or Clearcube. I think it has many advantages for administrator and users. Administrators have the computers in their air conditioned server room all together and the users only have a fanless little box where then can connect usb devices, monitors (at least two) and sound.

This would be perfect because if you buy a Precision workstation from dell it is really too loud and noisy. Like at Clearcube you should be able to choose from diffenerent Ports with diffenent features. They also should be able to connect through ethernet cable (Cat5e).

I would love to see that from Dell. With the Dell support of course =)

DELL/ Status Update

Please see mano_g's comment


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    Changed status to **IMPLEMENTED**.
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    Dell now offers a rack mountable workstation the R5400. Take a look at it. mano_g Sr. Product Marketing Manager Dell Precision Product Marketing