Bring Back Alienware 18" Laptops

October 25, 2017

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Bring back the Dell Alienware 18" laptops.

I've owned  the XPS 17", the Alienware 17", Precision M6500; I've owned quite a few --  Nothing compares to the Alienware 18R2.
Yes, its a gaming machine, but I use mine for day to day business and my 18R2 puts to shame anthing else.
I've seen clients pull out their Asus, Sony, HP, ... whatever they have and side by side, it does NOT compare to the Dell AW 18R2.    Quite often I get asked, "Where can I get one of those??"  and sadly I have to tell them "they're no longer available".   Ya, its big, its a bit heavy, but if you want a 18" monitor with horse power enough to drown most workstations, then (IMO) the extra baggage is worth it.  

But that drives another question:  Why did Alienware initially make a 18R2?   Then why did they discontinue it?  I think this are all valid questions to ask and Dell should answer them.  So many times we see a product discontinued and no reason as to why. 

Recently:  I purchased a brand new Precision 7720 (Intel Core i5-7440HQ, 512 SSD, 8G) and a Lattitude 7275 ( 6th Generation Intel Core m7-6Y75 Processor, 256 SSD 8G, last week.  Side by side my 4 year old AW 18R2 crushed both of them.  The only thing that might be tied, is the graphics between the 4k card on the tablet an the 18R2. To the human eye, both were stunning, but lets be real -- Any GPU or CPU intensive tasks on that tablet and you'll be right back here, putting a vote on this page.