Alienware 17 2017-2018

April 12, 2017

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                      Hello, I am giving you some ideas to improve the Alienware range

   To start one of the big problems of the Alienware with gpu series 10, it is the lack of USB 3.0. Adding 2 more on the sides would make the product easier to use, because having to use a USB HUB is really not pratical to plug in (blu-ray player, sd card reader, keyboard-mouse, usb headset, external hdd, smartphone, audio dac, etc...).

   To continue on the defects, there is that of the temperatures of the components and the distribution of the heat. Initially, the use of a vapor chamber will transmit the heat equally to the heatsink. Next, add small heatsink (copper or aluminum) to the PCH and a third fan 'small and fine) aspire fresh air in front of the alienware beside the speakers, to cool the ssd m.2 nvme that heat up so throttles. This will allow to cool all the pc (motherboard, battery, ram, keyboard, etc...). And in a third time make a larger grid under the pc and use an insulating material as some competitor model do.

   Then improve the idea of the graphics amplifier which is a great idea by the way, with 8x or16x pci-e cabling, or using the proprietary port and the thunderbolt 3 usb simultaneously or improve the proprietary port so that it support 8x. The wiring in 4x current is not futurproof because with the test one finds that the 4x bridles the performances of the new GPU.

   Otherwise I congratulate the engineers from Alienware for the speakers part because frankly they sound good, but at the electonics this is not right. I suggest the use of a high-end DAC 24 or 32 bits with audiophile capacitors (Wima for example) then one amp for the right channel and another for the left, allon a pcb mechanically insulated (plate in aluminum to limit interference). For audio outputs it would be necessary to separate microphone and audio then propose 2 outputs jack 3.5mm (gold plated) with the function "balanced" but also a spdif output. If not for the software, keep thet of Nahimic audio, it is well thought out. It is a shame to have to buy an external USB DAC (that one can not connect because more usb free) which makes us lose the binaural sound of Nahimic.

   To continue the Alienware they always have unique designs with hyper premium materials BUT it would be great to change the disign of the power supply as the competition (evga or razer) would reinforce the unusual character of the Alienware whth a unique charger in his genre !!!

   Finally, with the evolution of the technology, it would be claver to make your screens evolve towards Quantums Dots and HDR 10, whether for IPS or even TN It would be good if the model 17 is eqipped with an OLED slab like the 13, with in addition a screen refreshing top and a latency adapted to the competiton.

   Thank you for listening to me. Iknow this message will never be taken seriously by DELL and Alienware. But if you can at least put more usb this would already by great. We like this brand but we have the impression that it loses in innovation against the competition for 2years, reenter you I beg you and deployed the flag at the head of Alien ;) !!!