No more touch screans, mouses, keyboards, controls

July 27, 2017

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My  idea is to have a bluethoot ring and used it like a computer mouse.

This ring will have 3 sections, the 1st one will be in the top of your finger, this section will ve the same as the bottom part of the mouse, that litle red light will send the information on how you move your finger, you will be able to used it on your desck, coffee table, sofa etc. The 2nd part will hable 4 litle bottons
¤ #1 will turn on or off the indicator 
¤ #2 will will do the the same as the left click in your mouse, 
¤ #3 will do the same as the right click and
¤ #4 will display a keyboard, in the laptop, computer, cellular, tv or any device, yes also TV as a control remot, 
The 3rd and las section will be the one with all the hardware.

Lets say you are in your house infront of your tv and then you click on the app to start using it and with the bottom #4 appear a keyboard to  start changing channels or if you click #1 and #2 in the "seach" on the tv section and then #4  you will be able to look for netflix or whatever by sweeping each letter on the keyboard that this bottom will display or if you want you aldo can used it in your computer in the same way and you will not need a keyboard or a mouse, and could be able tobused it with your VR games. No more touch screans, mouses, keyboards, controls, etc.

Hope you like my idea... I also can send you some pictures or video ideas for info.