120 Hz Monitor option on the New Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7000 (7577) and White Letters Option

November 8, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged


Hey all,

I really want to push Dell to implement a 120 hz monitor option on their new laptop of the 7000 gaming line. A quality gaming experience really needs a higher refresh rate than just the standard 120 hz. For people like myself, a higher refresh rate really improves the game quality of FPS and is just an overall smoother experience in and outside of gaming. 

I understand that the Alienware line has the 120 hz option, but as a consumer, not everyone wants a flashy Alienware.I don't anything that screams, "GAMING" and from what I have seen other people feel the same way.  As for the white letters on the keyboard option, it could help some people see the keyboard better because the red is really dark on the black.

Other companies such as HP have implemented this in their Omen 2017 gaming laptop line for an extra $60 and I really want the same to be available for the Dell gaming laptops. I would not hesitate to spend the extra money for the better refresh rate. 

Dell, you have been highly criticized for the display that lacks on your 5000 gaming line and if you guys could implement this option as soon as possible on the new 7000, it would be amazing!