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May 8, 2012

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Honestly looking from a software development point of view:

  • decent cpu (i5 or i7 is good). Ivy Bridge would be great
  • lots of ram (you can never how to much ram, 8 gigs should be good)
  • 128GB-256GB SSD (the biggest bottleneck in any machine, if you use maven for building this can become quite a big bottleneck)
  • dont worry about GPU, a HD3000 or the new HD4000 will be more than enough plus it will give you good battery life and drivers will work better than that of nvidia or ati
  • 15" screen with a res of 1680x1050 (matte)
All that you need to make sure of in terms of support is that the hardware drivers work PROPERLY, suspending and unsuspending, dynamic multi monitor (i often need to work on just my notebook then on multiple monitors and sometimes take my notebook to meetings and connect it to a projector. I really dont want to struggle with invisible monitors or resolutions not adjusting automatically). Power management should be decent too, around 5-7 hours would be great. Please dont put any crapware on the notebook, the whole point of linux is to install what you want.

Also, keep in mind if you can make this laptop well priced it will do extremely well. around $900 would be the sweet spot.

If you can build a notebook like this, i will buy one tomorow!!!


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    Going from 128GB to 256GB seems to add a lot of unnecessary cost whilst developers don't really need it as they tend to work with text files only. True, building large projects tends to use space, but even when compiling some of the bigger projects, I have never gone over a few gigabytes :S , so I am not sure whether that's a bottle neck for a lot of developers (correct me if I am wrong).