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June 14, 2017

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With all the news about the laptop bans in the cabins on flights from the Middle East to the U.S.A. and the high possibility of expanding it to 70+ additional International locations - it is not far fetched to think that this may eventually expand to flights between the east to west coast.. With that train of through, in practicality all domestic flights would also have a laptop ban...

The reason for the ban, seems to primarily be centered around the lithium batteries they use (that can be swapped with bombs) and general mistrust of whats really in a laptop chassis.  Most would be quite hesitant putting their laptop (with confidential company data) in a checked bag, where they are out of sight and things can go missing or get damaged, not to mention losing productivity time on a 4-16+ hour flight.



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  • Jun 14, 2017

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    Easily openable laptop chassis for easy physical inspection
    In the event having a clear chassis is not enough for the TSA/FAA piece of mind.  Create a chassis that has two or three toggles that allow the laptop chassis to completely be exposed.  Completely exposed as in - the motherboard, ram, memory cards, SSD/Hard Drive is fully exposed and can be swabbed.  Also the back of the led/lcd screen can be opened to expose the circuitry in the back.  I'm sure this will void warranties and raise the likelihood of damage while opened, but many would rather risk that than risk losing their laptop in checked luggage.

    Additional Ideas
    - Make one standard battery chassis that all future TSA/FAA friendly laptops will use.
         -  This would allow trade in/trade out of batteries to airports.
             -  At the check in counter, the passenger could trade their laptop battery for a voucher
             - When the Passenger arrives, they can trade their voucher at a kiosk outside the secure terminals for a battery
         -  Assuming Dell is first in this new product line, other manufacturers would be pressed into your standard battery cell (namely from airports & FAA), so they don't have to stock multiple types of batteries.


    The biggest concern, is getting this idea approved by the FAA/TSA/Homeland Security.  However, I believe with the right lines of communication, I believe they would be happy with this compromise of security and passenger satisfaction.  They can restrict their newest threat - bombs swapped with lithium batteries/bombs hiding in laptops/large electronic devices - and passengers can carry their laptops with confidential data and still be able to work on the plane.  A boom for Dell, would be that this is an easy purchase for many IT departments even during the beginning or middle of refresh periods, since restricting confidential data on those laptops and allowing the user to work on the plane is a very easy sell to the CEO/Boardmembers.

    Make one standard battery chassis that all future TSA/FAA friendly laptops will use.  The TSA/Airports will not want to work with more than one type of unit for the trade in/trade out deal.
  • Jun 14, 2017

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    My proposal/idea comprises of several concepts:
    (1) Bring back the easily swappable battery​
    (2) Laptop can work directly from the 12V power supply on airlines without a transformer
    (3) Clear Case/Chassis
    (4) Easily openable laptop chassis for easy physical inspection

    Bring back the easily swappable battery​​
    The battery appears to be the major cause for the current laptop ban.  Bring back the easily swappable batteries!  Most travelers love their thinner laptops, but I know they would rather have a fatter laptop with them without the battery that they can use in the cabin, vs a thin laptop they cannot use at all.  As an IT Manager, if the E7xxx series latitudes came back with swappable batteries, I would be all over them.  I would not have problems with getting funding, especially if the ban expands to more airports that my users fly in and out of.

    Laptop can work directly from the 12V power supply on airlines without a transformer
    Make the laptop so it can easily plug into the 12v power supply on the airplane.  I think the plug is standardized on all planes.  The laptop should be able to plug into this power supply with only a simple cord, and without the use of any transformers (that are very dense and will cause the TSA agents to squint at the Xray screen more)).   The user would be able to work from their laptop while cruising, and the flight crew would have total control on them being off or on.  Turn on the aux 12v power to the cabin, when at cruise, turn off when taking off or landing.

    Clear Case/Chassis
    A completely clear chassis for the entire laptops - would put the TSA/FAA at ease if they could easily see there were no oddities hiding in a laptop chassis.  Every exterior covering would need to be clear, so the TSA could clearly see air spaces around the motherboard, harddrive/ssd, wireless cards, etc.  It would help greatly if the interior metal chassis/frame could be made in a way that would allow easier visual inspections.

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