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May 17, 2017

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I have idea a technology that non uses PC. only the monitor as a display device and a keyboard might be smartfon or other device …all performance will be in the cloud (EMC).

Login can be by using the BAR code + password and the smartphone that the user authorizes for the private cloud.


Monitor with wifi, smartphone with android 4.0 +, EMC cloud




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    It is important for a user to work on any display panels and view their personal files and documents without the need for installation.

    There are several options.
    1) I will be sent to smartphone. The tv / display will be linked only as mirrored.
    2) The screen itself will be equipped with an orroid or SW vusing the cloud
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    The user does not carry laptops with smartphones only.
    He will join any DISPLAY with him.
    For example, Bar Codes are scanned
    1) It is a wise technology that is built on existing solutions.
    HW su needed Smart Monitors or smartTV whit WiFi to communicate on the internet
    2) Cloud computing in which the user has all the data, applications, and the system.