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May 16, 2017

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Hi Michael, mi name is Marco Venegas, I am system director of the construction group, I have followed important trajectories such as yours Michael and from a very young age admire your determination, innovation and work. Today it even hurts to see Dell losing my soul, I'll tell you straight away, DELL has stopped being DELL, today I see it and it seems to me a company so distant that I met as a young man, looking for agreements with other companies to survive and not fall A lot, this makes me sad from a certain point of view, DELL is successful and is recovering, but what good is it if it is not DELL anymore.

If you allow me as user friend you have seen your trajectory from start to finish. Allow me to dare to tell you as a crazy idea how to save the real DELL (since nowadays I see a cheap copy of the original DELL that captivates many users). I have had success in my measure in every thing I undertake (here among us I tell you to help create cornpop as an idea) and I am also a friend of several interesting people with whom I share opinions like google exCEO in Mexico, and he is Director of developments of Ofice365 of Microsoft, etc.

For Dell to recover the soul, it needs 4 things that must be followed to the letter, and the order is very important, I do not describe each factor in detail, but I will try to explain a brief summary:


A) Remember that it is a massive market for people rather than business. For such generate disruptive campaigns that are needed in the market, if DELL in massive only makes PC, wasting time will only be a slower death. Just as Steve Jobs reinvented his computers and cannibalized Mac sales to save the company with Ipod, iPad, etc. DELL should start disruption with Multi-Purpose Tablets easy to convert to a PC or an Android, and without adapters! If you need more information you can ask me I will not charge for anything, I will do it to see a star born again. Dream again!


B) Dell already has a change in processes from its factories, operation, etc, but they are nobody without I could not make improvements in the equipment that are worthwhile and reach the end user with improvements that surprise, not only that they are expected, but Which truly surprise, an example is a PC / Tablet that is born designed for "augmented reality" and "Virtual reality" this really would be exciting for everyone. Details of the idea can consult me. Be artist!


C) Create more than a hardware system that allows the real compatibility between the multiple platforms of unified mobile phones in a single system within the Dell hardware either in PC or Tablet, this although it is easy to do, I do not know why nobody Has done?!, Everyone needs it but nobody does it, it is very depressing.

D) In LinkedIn all the entrepreneurs learned a great lesson, that the offices are only material like cement and rod, but the real company is made of people, and all the people we look for in the work a trait of sociability, and there are even surveys that Says that there are people who like what is most in their office is the social environment, and is valued every effort that is directed at them. That's why LinkedIn is famous, it's a niche, a necessity !, for such you have to do teams based on sociability (I'm not talking about social networks), like ... every PC is a network, not a single user, Systems must naturally be made to create societies based on business sectors such as construction, medicine, accounting, and so on.


This is really better !, not only to buy companies, the truth is to be disruptive, to be the soul of Dell again, to be better, to be ahead, to see the improvements beyond, if they like what I say, can contact me with pleasure I will support. Otherwise I will only pass the idea to a company detail that if you are interested in being great, I just want to see that angel who lost Dell live again in the spirit of Dell and see how surprising the competition and the whole world a phoenix.



Marco Venegas


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