Facades for Dell/Alienware laptops

March 25, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged


In the past, Dell offered a service where you could pay extra to have a design added to certain XPS laptops when you were configuring them for order.  Of course, if you're getting it as a gift for someone, or it gets damaged, the design you chose/created is really expensive to fix.

What I propose is a pilot program where facades are created for different Dell/Alienware laptop models.  Facades would be like the faceplates made for the PS4; a pair of covers that clip onto the back of a laptop's display and the base, rather than a permanent customisation of its chassis.

Since these are removeable at any time, they could be made of a thin, dense material that protects the laptop from scuffs and denting, but have designs from partnered artists, celebrate games, TV shows and movies, or just change the laptop's chassis colour.  More than that, if they got damaged, you could simply replace them instead of replacing the whole laptop.