Inertia reel into power supply

January 18, 2017

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I tend to hot dek and carry my piower supply with me all the time. THe annoying thing about this is the way the power cable and power supply seem to be strabngers to one another. They have not been designed for purpose. So whay not look at incoproating a inertia reel or make it easier for users to wrap the cable round their power supply?

Taking the idea further you could also consider including a way to dock the plug inton the power supply to keep it all secure and easy to pack and un pack.

My thinkpad from ten years ago made it easy to coil the power cable to the supply yet my current model Latitude does not.

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    Good comments - but my orginal idea is around improving what we have today (which in my opinion is less than ideal). We have ultrabooks and beautiful devices but ugly unweildy and impractical powersupplies.
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    Rockstar is right.
    most of the charger of today have strapp to wrap charger wires together.
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    Hi andy.horbury,

    I`m not sure which model Latitude you have. Some of Dell`s laptops have a rubber strap or velcro to keep the cords wrapped together.
  • Jan 18, 2017     Comment Link

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    Hi Andy,
    not entirely sure if I understand everything. English is not your native language I guess. But don't worry. Powersupplies as we have them today will no longer exist in a few years. Everthing can be charged over USB-C when that standard is more common.

    Regarding your second paragraph, by the, if I understand correctly, you would like to have the powersupply pins to contract into the PS itself, right? That is not so easy to do considering that there are about 10 different plugs for different parts of the world.