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March 30, 2016

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I was recently looking at Razer's blade stealth and to be honest I'm quite the keyboard ligthing. I was also looking at lenovos upcomming y900...and I was quite the keyboard lighting...

Both these laptops have implemented rgb customisable lighting that's never been seen on a laptop...with waves, raibows, touch and ripple effects...both have extremely customisable options. 

Alienware's lighting system is a trademark of their's quintessential! 
However other manufactures have taken, what once was a unique selling point and made it even better. 

So my idea would be to implement more lighting configurability, (not sure if per key lighting is feasable but it'd be a welcome addition)...but the basics (like the one stated above would be adequate. 

Lenovo have also implemented a mechanical keyboard into their y900 without the extra bulk, that'd be another welcome feature on alienware's machines. 

So how do they go about doing this ? well, they could either do it in house....or (what I was hoping they'd do) was partner with Roccat (who they are currently partnering with when it comes to periferals)...You could work with Roccat to design a great customisable (hopefully mechanical) rbg backlit keyboard.

That's the idea
what do you think ? 

Thanks :) 



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    Alienware already has RGB lighting on its laptops, and these are zone-based.  As for it being mechanical, we would please ask users to search the IdeaStorm site in future, as we already have a lot of separate threads on the subject.