ELIMINATE built-in microphones and cameras

March 15, 2017

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Add a microUSB or USB-C plug on top of notebook displays and monitors, and sell a separate, flexible little accessory with camera and microphones to plug in, WHEN DESIRED.  Delete 'built in' cameras and microphones and other sensors.

Most times, built-in cameras and microphones are INSECURE.  Otherwise, a physical switch to visibly, physically disconnect such devices.

Similarly, even for tablets, these sensors should be plug & play, not hard-wired into the hardware.  Include any 'GPS' along with external accessories.  Make it slim and flush, but make it possible to make it GO AWAY.

A little camera and two stereo microphones, even molded to cute character shapes can be trivially plugged in for the one time in thousands that you want to 'teleconference', and it can be absent all the other times when it's possible for leaky, daily-compromised operating systems and software to grant access to creeps.


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    Another minor point to make is for 'inexpensive' notebooks and tablets, where the overwhelming tendency is to solder in the lamest, blindest, cameras and most hard-of-hearing microphones, to cut cust.

    A USB-C device can be as lean (poor ISP, or penniless buyer) or as ridiculous (3D 4K, ultra-noise reducing mikes with wind covers, whatever), or just a plastic snap-on that covers the place where it 'would go', if you even wanted it.  

    Being USB-C, you could ebven turn the camera and microphones 180 degrees,   Making your notebook into a camera AND tripod for shooting creatively with an HD camera.

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    I totally agree with this - as much as internal webcams and microphones have improved in recent years, they will never compare to an external device, particularly with Intel's RealSense technology now becoming more prominent.

    As Dell is soon to launch a commercial AR headset, and a graphics tablet, offering a camera and microphone that competes with Razer's "Stargazer" and "Seiren" products, respectively, would be a huge deal.