Lightweight Precision

November 19, 2011

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Status: Partially Implemented


I would like to see a Light Weight (truly portable) PRecision class Laptop.  I need the graphis processing power of a Precision Laptop to run My Graphics intense CAD Software.  I also Travel a lot. When in the office I dock the Laptop and us a Large Screen.  Very few Designers, or CAD jickies work on the 15 or 17 inch screen offered on the current Laptops.  When traveling, it is more convenient to have a computer that I can actually open on an airplane and wont require a roller bag to carry around.  I would like to see a 14" precision Laptop with the same graphics and processing power as the the current 15 and 17 inch models. Previous versions of the Precision line did offer a 14" scfreen on ocassion.

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Status Update: While it may be a larger screen than you asked for the Precision M3800 starts at only 4.15 Lbs. Thank you for posting!

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    Thnaks for the share loved reading it 
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    I would like a Laptop made to create graphics that move with the music where I pick the characters and colors and the music.
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    Thanks for the submission. I am sure that there are many business travelers that would love to have a machine such as you have described.
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    Yes, thank you very much
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    I think you're preaching to the choir on this one, though the problem isn't really with Dell's systems.  Precision laptops work because they use an NVidia Quadro or ATI Fire Pro card for graphics rendering, but because they're simply the desktop cards modified for laptops, that's why the machines are so big.

    You should address your complaints to NVidia for a more "mobile" chipset.