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February 6, 2013

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As a female user of laptops I can't seem to find a non-Apple-laptop that is designed for me. I love the white glossy look of Apple and you can take example to Nespresso with a coffeemachine that looks like the skyline of New York, and they even designed one with Swarovski Christals, or checkout the design and cuteness of the Fiat500. The only option for me is to peronalise/disign my laptop with stickers... I suggest you design a laptop especially for women!; glossy colours, christals or options to personalise the cover matchin with e.g. the designer laptop-bag, matching mouse and headset etc... etc...

Happy to discuss my idea further with you.


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    Hi Angela_500c,

    I do think some semi-transparent, coloured covers for Dell laptops wouldn't just be fun for female, but male customers as well.  Even a clear cover that people could place photos inbetween it and monitor's outer plate would add some nice personalisation to laptops for users.
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    "I love the white glossy look of Apple"
    Apple has not sold a white portable computer in several years.  The iBook was discontinued a long time ago.  Too, Dell tried "Della" - computers and advice especially for women - and that didn't work out.
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