Offer product power cords in high-visibility colors (e.g. orange, yellow) to reduce the risk of tripping over cords.

February 5, 2013

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Laptop power cords are often strung across the floor in a variety of settings and even desktop products create a hazard by the number of cords under and around the desk.  If the cords and cables were easier to see (i.e. a high-visibility color vs. black) the chances of someone tripping or getting tangled in a cord would be reduced.  This does not eliminate the hazard and doesn't mean people should not still try to keep the cords out of the way, but making the cords easier to see would be an added benefit.

I would like to see high-visibility cords offered as an alternative to the standard black cords in the future.  Thank you for your consideration of the request.

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    The user certainly could put hi-vis tape on the cords, but that only solves the problem one at a time.  Our company uses ~50,000 Dell computers and I don't think it would be practical to expect every user to put tape on their cords.  Offer it as an optional color choice and the problem is solved for everyone with that concern.  Even those who never thought of putting tape on their cords as a way to reduce the risk of tripping. 
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    easily done by the user with colored insulating tape