Dell worst support in providing windows 8 driver.

February 3, 2013

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Many people (including me) are disappointed because Dell aren't providing drivers for their system for Windows 8. We have paid much for purchasing Dell Laptop just 21month a go. But Dell are not giving support for providing the windows 8 driver.Dell representative agree with me that XPS L401X  hardware is more than capable to run Windows 8.Then  I asked them for the driver but they only say that "The XPS L401x system is not tested with windows 8 and Ubuntu operating system. So there are no drivers available for this system. " . This has disappointed the end user.Though we have alreapy paid a much for their service but they ferused to give it. They are not providing the required driver because they know verywell that windows 8 lover will buy new laptop if they are unable to use windows 8 In there laptop or pc And this may increase the sale of dell product. 

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    I think there is a precedent for Dell's XPS Support people to experiment with installing newer Windows OSs on older machines, just to see if they are capable of running them...

    I realise there is only so much that Dell is prepared to do with their systems, but not everybody can afford to purchase a new machine every two years and a team dedicated to finding out how to extend the longevity of software, once they discontinue the hardware, might be a worthwhile endeavour.