Price of Alienware Laptops in India

January 21, 2013

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I was planning to buy a gaming laptop, so the obvious choice was Alienware. I chekced the price of them on Dell India site, i was absoloutely baffled by the price when compared them with the same laptop price in USA. Alienware laptop cost more than double of what they cost in USA or any other market, even on ebay India site they are much cheaper than those listed on Dell site. I also checked with the import duty levied by the indian govt. on alectronic good and found out that after adding duty's,local taxes,importing charges and all handling charges applicable they will still cost less than 2/3rd of the listed price on the dell site. I guess dell doesn't want's to sell alienware laptop in india, so i bought another laptop at less than half the price and i can play almost all the games at medium settings.

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