Latitude Power Adapter - Cord Wrap

January 18, 2013

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I've owned seven generations of Latitude laptops, from a D610 through my current E6430.

At one time one of the thoughtful design features of the Latitude series was a power adapter designed to wrap the power cord(s) around with a velcro or rubber strap to secure it.

It was very easy to package to go back into your laptop bag, but I know it had a specific issue - the continuous bending of the cords eventually resulted in a failure where the cords go into the transformer block. I've had several replaced under warranty which can't have been good for Dell, and probably explained why the E6430 came without the "wrappable" power adapter. They now have a velcro strap for the low voltage cable (to the laptop) and no strap for the main power cable (the one which goes to the wall outlet).

It would be a good thing if Dell were to reengineer the adapters to allow the cord wrapping again while avoiding the bending by having the cords enter the transformer block in a different way - perhaps by having a detachable low voltage cable that can be inserted into the block in different orientations so the bending stress is not always in the same place in the same direction? I know that there are versions of the wall outlet cable that insert into the block and turn 180 degrees in the plug so any bending happens when the cord wraps around the other end of the block, with a larger radius and some variability in where the bending happens.

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