Dell XPS 14 FHD IPS Refresh.

January 18, 2013

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I think it's no secret that the XPS 13 is getting another refresh at the end of the month, giving it a 1920x1080 IPS screen. That leaves its bigger brother, the XPS 14, as the only one in the current batch of XPS laptops that does not have the option of having a full HD screen.

I don't think it's outside of the realms of possibility. So, it would be nice to see the XPS 14 undergo a similar refresh as the XPS 13, giving people the choice of adding a full HD IPS screen would do some wonders as the screen is often one of the more common issues that is picked on by review sites and the like. Besides that, 14" is probably the perfect size for 1920x1080 as people often worry that 13.3" is a little bit too small. Ideally, a refreshed XPS 14 would come with touch as well, with it being more and more common place these days, but I can imagine that touch functionality is being saved for the next generation, which I assume will come out later this year with Haswell

Thinking about it, I'm sure I remember the XPS 15 getting a minor refresh too, though it hasn't been as major as the XPS 13's two refreshes (Ivy Bridge and now the FHD screen).

If you can get FHD screens for the XPS 13 and 15 (notably, the IPS on the 13), I don't see why the XPS 14 should miss out. Also, ironing out the WiFi issues that are present in some owners' laptops, t.hough I'd personally be more than happy to overlook it if the screen was of decent quality


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    great idea......also a touch screen......a better discrete gpu(as for ultrabook standard) with 1080p IPS display will give it a edge over the competetors.....
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    I agree,
    Please put in a full HD IPS screen, improve the wireless and I'll buy one. Touch screen would be a nice option too but not necessary for me.