Re-creatingthe Tactx accessories.

January 6, 2013

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The Tactx accessories have a fairly big name when it comes to Pc gaming-for the wrong reasons that is and it's just stupid things that let it down which are:

The headset mic and audio quality is very bad considering it's a £59.99 headset replacing the mic and earphone themselves to newer better quality parts would certainly bring it up to scratch.

The Tactx mouse left click,I'm currently using it and the ergonomic design is great infact the mouse itself is amazing but I'm worried,I've read up that after as little as 2 months(source: the left click begins to hold and radomly click and this isn't a minority.

The Tactx mouse cable,I've had it for around two weeks and I'm seeing signs of bending damage where the cable has permanently bent a single way and the raw wiring is sticking out.

I hope a few of my ideas are considered implemented-Thanks.

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    I agree my tactx keyboard just weent out after 4 years of use(Bad Spill). I would like to maybe buy a newer version but unfortunatly there isnt one available. Mouse works great still. Razor has had quite a few upgrades since. Just say'in.
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    I had the same problem with my taxtc mouse (the cable fraying)
    Since I used the mouse with my laptop it made no sence having a 6 foot cable that would fray when bundled up.  So I took the mouse apart, cut the cable down to 20 inches and soldered it back together.  Now I dont have the issue.

    But, I do agree that the line up needs to be updated.

    The headphones I feel should have a trrs headphone jack for use with the newer laptops that support headphone/mic in a single plug.

    The mouse should be offered as a wireless/wired option.

    Keyboard should continue along the logitech path and add the heads up display at the top.