Shutter or LID on webcam for privacy..

January 5, 2013

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Now a days, 
its very easy for hackers/or any one to record through the users webcam, with out the users concern...
And its very difficult to get to know about these scams...
As its the matter of users privacy,
it will be helpful if there is a shutter or manual LID on the webcam, so that it can be closed while not using the webcam.
So that the user can feel secured about privacy..

Thank You.


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    I totally agree. I just saw someone on TV selling a plastic little cover to put on a laptop. Having something integrated that you could slide over and un-slide when you wanted to use it would be wonderful!
  • Jan 6, 2013     Comment Link

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    I don't know about a shutter/lid, but perhaps a simple hardware switch like there is on certain laptops for the wireless adapter.
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    I really miss this feature too. I've seen how easy it is to get access to webcams, so it's not about being paranoid.
    It will protect the glass on top of the lense too.