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December 18, 2012

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there is one currncy the whole world use, its talk time, minutes and seconds. they aquire this wiyh the local currency of their country, this is different but once they get the seconds or minutes its the same as the rest of the world. in south africa you can then use this "talk time" and purchase ring tones and games using a shortcode and a service provider. in effect u trade this for something else. i want to see u buy a bread or a coke with the same method, airtime for a coke. it requires a device at my local BP express wherby I can pay by sms short code to the value of the article. in other words my "talk time" is my piggy bank, i put more airtime on my phone or if you are on contract this will add to your monyhly bill. i want to pay for my parking ticket at the mall with my airtime, or my movie ticket. less bank charges, less bank cards, less cash. I can buy in any country no fuss. 

PS: better and more mobile security.

and I want my 1c per transaction royalty!

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    Much like regular currancy, talk time, is controlled by many different entities.  While money is controlled by government, talk time is controlled by different corporations. Since these corporations charge different amounts for talk time, how would you propose making your mobile currency idea fair for all?

    As for your request for 1c per transaction royalty, you should re-read the Terms of Use for IdeaStorm.
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    What does Dell have to do with this?