Bring the vertical resolution back! (1920*1200 not 1920*1080 ;-)

December 14, 2012

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I find it strange that everything is going towards "wide" (and "glossy", but that's another issue).
I've seen a lot of seasoned laptop users complain about the decreasing vertical pixel count. And I totally agree: Most applications benefit from the added display lines. It might be that the display manufacturers just got it wrong - but I would suspect Dell to be a big enough player to have a say.
So please bring back the less-wide screen formats! :-)


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    While 1920x1200 would be a step in the right direction, it's not exactly new - my six year old XPS M1710 runs at 1920x1200  and 11 years ago my Inspiron 8000 ran at 1600x1200 - and I think it's time to go further. Apple has the right idea with the Retina display. Maybe that takes things further than necessary, but I've used one at native resolution and I have no complaints.

    Tragically I've recently had to buy a new laptop and ended up with a Precision M6700 and its miserable 1920x1080 resolution because I didn't get on with the Apple for reasons unrelated to the screen, but I do want outstanding screen quality (gamut, colour accuracy, contrast) and the IPS RGB panel on the M6700 was the only way to get that. No question that higher resolution would be better still.

    If Apple is brave enough to set new standards why isn't Dell capable of even maintaining the old ones? Very weak!
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    Definitely Agree with glossy, Ive seen why alienware uses glossy on their screens but I would like matt display even if it doesnt look as crisp.