Next Alienware Laptop Design

December 12, 2012

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i recenlty purchased an m14x. i must say im extremely happy with it, however i do have 1 issue dell needs to take into accout when making the next series of alienware laptops.:

1. the battery, RAM, And HDD are built in? why? what happens when i want to upgrade RAM, or swap out bad HDD if that issue arises?

dont be the propietary cult like other companies ( allow the consumer access to the HDD, Battery and RAM should they need to change them out. this needs to be taken into account when designing the next alienware laptop.

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    Its not problem, Any of current ones are 100% accessable when cover is removed and it doesnt void warrenty. Look on youtube on how to do it. Granted it would be much easier if they just had doors to remove.