Dell's Ultimate Media Centre PC

November 3, 2012

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I'd love to see Dell build the ultimate high-quality (and neat) media center PC/AV receiver range.

There could be multiple models in the range, starting from a simple extender unit through to a full AV receiver all in one device. Perhaps teaming up with well established AV vendors like Marantz and Denon etc would be advantageous.

The higher-end device would combine the advantages of having a HTPC with the quality and simplicity of a traditional AV receiver. The vision is to have one device in the lounge room.

We've seen how some TVs can be controlled via an iPhone app. This can also potentially work with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. If Windows 8 (and the right apps) can be combined with an AV receiver not much else would be needed to control everything. The ability to use a tablet-like device as a remote is also worthwhile for some applications.

Tight integration with MediaPortal and its community may also be an idea worth pursuing. For example fully supported TV tuner card hardware will also make this a powerful PVR.

Each device should have ample storage within it.

A device-to-device encrypted network would also accomodate sharing between devices around the house (or over the internet) to enable simplified file sharing and streaming from other devices.

Overall, once the supported hardware is there and standardized, an easy-to-use software framework should enable the various features and functionality required by the user community.

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