23"+ Touchscreen monitor with resolution higher than 1080p

November 2, 2012

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1080p is a ghetto that I want to escape from.  Monitors 23" an larger need more vertical resolution than 1080P to avoid having giant pixels.  

Windows 8 needs good touchscreen monitors.  Dell, please kill two birds with one stone by offering a high quality, 23" or larger, touchscreen monitor with more vertical resolution than 1080P.

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    I would like to see a 27" QHD version of the S2340T with an IPS panel and the same stand.  Offer that, and you'll have my order immediately!
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    Great input from everyone so far.  Keep it coming!
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    I would love to see a digitizer pen like my samsung series 7 slate to edit photos and draw.  You could use it like the Wacom Critiq only it would be a full computer as well.  
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    HA! I should have looked here before posting just now! This is my idea too!

    Take the 27" 2560x1440 touch screen from the XPS One 27 all in one and remove the computer and you have an amazing looking ultra Hi Def monitor! It's not 3d, but I really could care less about that myself.

    Dell already has the monitor we need, just sell it without the computer inside!
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    Quad HD
    21", 22", 23" - 27"
    10 point multi-touch
    Edge to edge glass
    3D (preferable nvidia 3d vision 2 or whatever is comperable).
    Accurate stylus (see wacom).

    The mount shown on the 23" looks fine.

    High refresh as always.

    It also might be nice to have the montior articulate with the arm on the front. So that not only can you lay it flat, you can lay it flat to the edge of your desk and more importantly tilt it down over your keyboard.

    They monitor I describe above should be the standard windows 8 monitor for all vendors. Anything less is a compromise that requires you to have other devices and/or monitors to do everything.

    I have to give credit to dell for at least recognizing the basic windows 8 monitor form factor and getting a product to market. The only other design I have seen that comes close is the lenova all in one that tilts down to a flat position, but that is an all in one, not a monitor.

    I want one of the S2340T monitors because it appears to be the only game in town, but at $649.00 it is not an impulse purchase. At $300 - $350 I probably couldn't resist. If it had all of the other features I list above It would warrent its current price point.

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    If you haven't seen it the S2340T 23" multi-touch monitor is new to Dell but offers Full HD resolution.  Other than a higher resolution can you describe any other improvements you would like to see.  User-added image