November 2, 2012

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   I sit with 2 Dell monitors on my desk.  My wife is a member of "Wet Westies" which is an organization of VW campmobile owners which were originally manufactured for VW by a company named Westfalia, hence the term "Westie".  My wife indoctrinated me into the venacular for VW buses.  In the 60's the windshield of a VW bus had a bar down the center and they became known as "Splities", while in the 70's VW adopted a full bay window design and these are known as "Bays".
    I would like to propose that Dell develop a dual monitor solution that minimizes the gap between the two monitors by connecting them in the same case with a hinge between the monitors that allows the bar gap to be absolute minumum when they are in the open position such that one has the illusion of a single monitor.  I would also like to propose someone develop a wallpaper app. that doesn't show the same picture twice.


Brian J.

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    I wanted to check back in to see if the new Dell Ultrasharp U2913WM 29" monitor would be acceptable to you.  

    A vast, 29" panoramic display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 2560 x 1080 Full HD offers the screen space of side-by-side monitors without a distracting bezel in between.

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    Thank you for posting BClever.  Is there a particular size screen you would like to see in such an offering?  Also any other options you would like included would be helpful.