Alienware Real Overclocking Package For All 18X And Up! Would You Buy Into It? I Would.

October 29, 2012

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So here is the deal. We are now asking Dell if they would implement a “Real Overclocking” package. One where the bios is really unlocked and gpu are unlocked as well. Of course this would all be well with in reason of course. I’m thinking it’s time to get with the times on these high end machines. Just like Intel has a plan in place for overclocking . And other big names like Evga, Gigabyte & Msi are also following suit. Now I for one would be willing to pay for this type of upgrade from the factory. So what I’m asking is..for a set amount above normal cost. We would get a machine with unlocked bios (And that’s unlocked within reason. Which you already know from using NBR forums) Gpu’s with over clocking enabled vbios files(Again, with in reason). These specially made altered systems would be attached to the users service tag number. This would cut down on someone paying the premium and then sharing with the world. These unlocked machines are specifically tailored for those who know what they are getting into (By spending money on the premium). Now you might ask…what if we burn up the cpu? Well last time I checked…I haven’t seen or heard of anyone actually just flat out burning up a cpu from over clocking. This lets us know that what’s in place now is keeping this in check. And I’m talking about the group using the unlocked bios files. We already know you guys at “Dell” have been playing with some of these files so you know they are mostly safe. You would save far more money doing things this way then to keep doing things the old way.
This is just a thought I was having and would love to get input from both sides on why or why not this could or could not be done. But that 90 dollars for you to set level 3 over clock in the bios is a joke. Really? And Speaking on that factory bios… Who thought it was a good idea to run a flex of 25?? That’s 1.5V That is way to much voltage. The problem with this is you need more amps not voltage. Which seems to be corrected in the M18xR2.(To some Degree) This needs to be changed in the M18XR1. You can run a 45X (4.5ghz overclock) before having to add flex voltage. Raise the watts up in the bios from 99W to 125W.(Max setting) This would work well. Change amps from locked 97 up to unlocked or locked 175 max. Also, not asking to remove termals in place, but maybe 1 or 2 of them readjusted. People with better room temps would benifit more of course, but still keeping within system specs. Add a version of intels XTU that works with this motherboard and a cheap 1 gig flash drive with oem bios files on it and we would all be happy. Well…most of us anyway…. I know there is allot to this so I would love to hear from everyone…. Should this go further...Then we can get into detail on just how to run gpus using a safe margin. We have an idea or two about this. Also understand the 100W pcie envelope along with the cards 100W envelope as well.


Before posting about burning something up. At least have a M18XR1/R2 machine in hand And links to someone directly doing this. Gpus fall under a different catagory. They we're burning up due to someones idea of how the backplate should be put on. This caused many many hours of headaches! Degration over time. Bad fan profiles. Memory ran to high and the list goes on... But it looks like we are now past most of this with the 680M's. 7970M's Are a hit and miss right now. And that's without any user adjustments.

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  • Nov 13, 2012     Comment Link

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    This is a great idea, It could even be incorporated into the Alienware adrenaline package, called Alienware Engine or something?

    I for one would pay for a package that allowed overclocking to within pre-defined limits but, that once implemented would allow my M18X R2 to run at say 4.5Ghz with no additional cooling or modifications, with the full confidence that this would have no detrimental affect on settings or general running of my "Baby".

    "You don't buy a sports car to do 20Mph"
    "You dont'buy an Alienware to play Solitaire, You buy an Alienware, because they are the best, of the best, of the best, Sir!!!"

  • Oct 29, 2012     Comment Link

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    This is definitely something that I think should be implemented on Alienware laptops. I do not understand why they haven't already done it. The risks from inexperienced users flashing their BIOS (with one downloaded from or an unlocked BIOS) is greater than the risks associated with inexperienced overclocking. 

    I have not identified anyone that has damaged their system from overclocking an Intel XM CPU. Worse case scenarios are the CPU protects itself from heat and end user stupidity and shuts down, or simply won't boot until you select settings that work.

    If Dell/Alienware would simply set up the BIOS so the additional menus show it would eliminate the need for third-party BIOS mods to enable full functionality with the best gaming laptops in the universe. They can (and probably should) hide the options that do not serve any useful purpose and create a risk of making the machine unbootable due to misconfiguration.
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    I agree. This would be a really fantastic idea, if implemented properly. There is, as already proven, more than adequate room for these machines to be "further enhanced" by owners, in terms of cpu/gpu performance WITHOUT the risk of creating any hardware damage. The cpu's can (and do) have bags more performance potential left in them - obviously, talking about the Extreme Edition's here - and the gpu's again can handle much more than is currently "regulated" via vBios.

    The fact that owners of such high end machines have to go out and find/utilize 3rd party solutions to do this is a bit ridiculous. It's quite rational to think that when paying for a "top of the line" machine, you will be able to squeeze as much performance out of it WITHOUT the kind of "nannying" that is currently provided by Dell.

    I guess you could say that what we are asking Dell for is to have the ability to really take advantage of all the performance on offer, without being restricted and without the requirement for 3rd party intervention. It's not hard to see that the M18x can (and does) perform extremely well under such conditions so I very much doubt that there would be much cause for concern from Dell's side regarding increased warranty/replacement issues - even if there was a small percentage of issues, I imagine this cost would be covered by the extra charge to purchase a machine with the "enhanced overclocking package" that John is talking about.

    At the end of the day, I liken this scenario to buying a supercar (if only I could afford one!) - one doesnt expect to drive a Lamborghini off the forecourt only to find out that someone put a speed limiter on it. You paid for the performance, so you want the performance.

    Great idea. I'm all for it.  Good work John!
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    this would be an awesome idea and save Dell/Alienware a ton of headaches.. we all ready know that we the users give forth more ideas and working models that dell/alienware does any day of the week.. we tweak setting and we show what works and what doesnt..

    This would just be another way for Dell/Alienware to say to there competitors hey [redacted]you! we are the best we listen to are consumer base and heres why..

    So please Dell/Alienware Please Please Please adopt a policy like this..  for new machines and after market upgrades for machines we all ready own!

    Not only do we know what we are doing we have show you on many occasisions what works and what doesnt.. 
    there are plenty of your reps that Lurk the NBR forums and take ideas from us and you implement them because they work.. now heres your chance to do that again and get paid for doing so..

    Thank you for your time..