Integrating social engagement across the company

October 22, 2012

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Dell is certainly a social media poster child - yet there is always room for improvement to continue leadership.
My idea is less tactical or an isolated fix to some problem and more a about building a sustainable flow of improvements across the entire organization - Thanks Connie Bensen for the invitation.

Cross functional social engagement

Some of the challenges seem to be adhoc "campaigns", lack of transparency regarding engagement, approachability of the team for less involved customers. For a user it looks like there is a small social team, and a socially engaged Michael Dell, but the rest of the company does business as usual.

The result to the customers: unclear how much influence they have, how important they are to Dell and how customers can help improve not only products via ideas but the direction of the company from a market perspective.

The result to the organization: Lost improvement opportunities

I suggest developing a cohesive and transparent social engagement strategy that is:

a) Known and understood by its community
b) Co-developed with the community
c) Carried out jointly by the community and the Dell team and its business partners

Key aspects: Community, democratization of influence, cross departmental engagement, gamification, crowdsourcing, collaborative engagements...
Duration: 3-6 month for the development
Involvement: 40+ customers + a few hundred additional contributors, the Dell social media team, VP sales, VP support, VP products, VP operations, VP marketing, VP-Partners, 20+ business partners
Cost: negligible
Result: A transparent social engagement model (customer experience model) that covers the whole range from customer service quality, product design influence and information flow.
Execution: I would love initiating this task, work with your team and the Dell community of customers, partners and advocates, a few experts and make a difference.

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  • Nov 2, 2013     Comment Link

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    Greetings! Very useful advice in this  particular post! It's the little changes that produce the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!
  • Nov 10, 2012     Comment Link

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    Yep I am one of the mature -over 70 crowd, we like to use computers for email, & simple to use devices.  Se my post in the ideas section.  This is not a simple site to use could use a revamp where all even non geeks could offer ideas and help.

    Again make this font at least 12 so I can see it without strain.

    There are thousands of BOOMERS coming your way, and yes they have money to spend -THEIR way find out what they NEED & want in a putr.  OK?
  • Oct 26, 2012     Comment Link

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    Well Axel,

    The key component of success is a bottom-up, direct democratic approach based on the golden rule, the ethics of reciprocity, the 12 laws of karma and what I call RES where R stands for Reciprocity, E for Engagement and S for Sharing!

    Have fun and take care!


  • Oct 24, 2012     Comment Link

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    Thanks much for the votes and feedback everybody - I really appreciate it 

    @Stiftrix Good point. Totally agree, transparency is a big deal. I'm running a large project that was sparked by the European Commission. we are 300+ people with great ideas and an enormouse level of energy. We use Facebook groups for several reasons but that maybe not a universal answer to anything.

    Yes, I very much like the Dell Idea Strorm - it looks like a great community. In any case, we need a lot of smart brains to make the concept a reality and great success :) Thanks again hope we can do it :)

  • Oct 24, 2012     Comment Link

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    I really like this idea. Avoid a closed solution though. It should be as open as possible and should require minimal registration time. facebook is not the right solution for this, unless you make an open group with a lot of customization.A more engaging platform with multimedia tools, chat and a living, breathing community which is close to the DELL employees could prove more valuable though. Think DELL IdeaStorm, just more open and with more options and easier sharing of content.
  • Oct 24, 2012     Comment Link

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    Axel, what I like most about your idea is that members of Dell's entire ecosystem would participate in developing a social engagement strategy. I'm pretty sure that would lead to huge benefits for all.
  • Oct 24, 2012     Comment Link

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    Sound idea Axel, to promote greater customer engagement by involving relevant topics  and members of the community.
  • Oct 22, 2012     Comment Link

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    I like the idea to turn a whole business into a market integrated operation. Feels like the vendors go to market not only with their wares but actually live in the market.