Reusable Systems Casings (Towers and Laptops)

November 8, 2011

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Towers don't change much in basic design, nor do laptops. Redesign towers and laptops so components can be added by the consumer so that the same tower and laptop casings can be used over and over again. These can also be made more durable to last longer.


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    Let me clarify: Sending a system "shell" back to be "refurbished" with new components may work but not with all consumers. Those who only have one system do not want to wait for the extra time it would take to ship their tower or notebook back to Dell. Although that is one option that could be made available. What I really would like to see is a complete redesign of a desktop tower so that the new components can be "slid into" the tower once received by the client. That way the same towe can be used over and over again. The same can be done for laptops although this would be much more difficult. If Dell could design "shells" for their systems that could be re-used the environmental impact would be lessened. It could also be a very good selling point to be green in this way.
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    I envision an opportunity for DELL to make this work.
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    Thanks for sharing this idea. Do you envision an opportunity for the Web to make this work?