why there is not a XPS 15" laptop in Brasil?

November 8, 2010

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I note that in all Dell  site of all American Latina country  there are a XPS 14" , 15" and 17" laptop  , but not in Brasil.
In Brasil there is only XPS 14" laptop. There are a lot of people here, in Brasil, who would like to buy this laptop, but with a 15" screen..
Please think about ...

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  • Dec 1, 2010     Comment Link

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    Thanks for your feedback. We recently launched the XPS 14 in Brazil and are planning to launch the XPS 15 within the next year. We understand it can be a bit frustrating for our customers in Brazil to not be able to purchase all of our products locally, but it is a very complex market with unique local regulatory requirements and tax legislations that make it more challenging to offer the entire Dell portfolio. We appreciate the valuable feedback and we will continue to analyze the Brazilian market to ensure we are launching the right products. Keep an eye on Dell.com.br to see the latest. 
  • Nov 30, 2010     Comment Link

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     I'm also from Brazil and would like to purchase the XPS model 15" laptop. There is already a release date here?
  • Nov 11, 2010     Comment Link

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    I will check for win/if the 15" XPS will launch in Basil and post back when I hear something. Thanks for posting.