GPGPU development

May 20, 2012

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  • Please make sure that the hardware behaves well with a vanilla image (and with gnome shell&/unity)
  • matte screen - reading code on glossy screen is difficult.
  • 13-14 inch laptop. We have desktops in offices with big screens. I want mobility, not a desktop replacement.
  • having multitouch capabilities would be great.
  • Backlit keyboard, please. No windows logo.
  • As a GPGPU developer, having an NVIDIA gpu would definitely be a plus for me (ATI does not behave well with linux.. or windows for that matter).
    • If there is no GPU, having Intel OpenCL SDK would help out.
    • Proprietary drivers are perfectly fine by me and others in my field.
    • There is not a single GPGPU friendly laptop out there.¬†And a GPGPU friendly laptop for linux is even more elusive. You need to fill in some gaps here. I do not need a high-end quadro/tahiti gpu to run production level code. On a laptop, i expect a Kepler/GCN architecture gpu to test out the viability of my code which is further tested on a production machine - so please, introduce an ultrabook/laptop with a basic but newest architecture GPU with OpenCL/CUDA tools for development.

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