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April 15, 2012

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I brought this up before on the Rockstar forums before many Rockstars were against it however I will resubmit it as an IdeaStorm Idea.

The Idea was to have (at least as an option) for users to assign their countries flag to their username. This would display beside their username. This would help identify whether some information was relavent to the user.

For example here "If you are in the US,  HERE is the Dell page to request a set of discs" while it is the correct answer it is quite useless information for people that aren't in the US.

This would also help when someone on the forums is looking to purchase a system or a spare part or upgrade such as a battery. I can redirect them to the UK or US Dell website or elsewhere. In addition or, or etc etc.

I would also like other logos such as the Rockstar logo to display here, if it displayed there, then I wouldn't put in my signature.

Other Rockstars were concerned that such a feature would impinge on privacy so I mentioned it to only be optional. Another concern was that it could cause some racism on the boards.

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