Dell profit drops 33 percent in Q1 - How to get it UP!

May 23, 2012

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I think some of the reason for the profit going down is the image DELL is trying to shake off. They have improved overall quality and design over the years, but elephants never forget:

Every DELL employee should be forced to read the article, and especially the comments as they are quite representative for what I've heard from people when I ask them about their experience with DELL. With all the improvements over the years DELL deserves to succeed, but they need to improve some areas including the driver section which could easily be improved and should be a priority.  However, most of the rage is aimed at the Precision and ALIENWARE series. Maybe DELL should improve them?

Translates to: Make new designs for both Precision and ALIENWARE laptops. Focus on build quality and what the users want.

After a quick search, i found that ASUS' stocks have gone up. I will dare to credit this to their new Zenbook and G-line of laptops. ASUS has improved every aspect reviewers found lacking in their previous Zenbooks and done some serious upgrading of their gaming laptops. Their gaming laptops are now also easier to modify. You can even access the fans and clean them easily. Their new 17'' G75 has also been re-designed for a smaller formfactor, while still preserving the look and feel of the G-series.

What DELL did, was just upgrade the innards. While that is nothing to scoff about, it's not as interesting for the majorityy as design. Design sells, something DELL experienced when their sales of the XPS 13 exploded. If you find an appealing design that feels unique and sells, like with the XPS 13, keep it and improve upon the formula.

What the DELL XPS 13 truly needs:
- High quality RGB screen, equivalent to IPS or IPS with FullHD resolution (1920x1080)
- No Gorilla Glass! (= lower weight, lower cost and no glare)
- Better and more silent fans
- SD or micro SD card slot
- Better keyboard
- Better trackpad

What the ALIENWARE laptops need:
- Higher build quality
- Smaller formfactor
- High quality RGB screen, equivalent to IPS or IPS with FullHD resolution (1920x1080)
- Lower prices (ASUS and msi are driving the prices down, while ALIENWARE still is expensive)

What the Precision laptops need:
- Higher build quality
- Smaller formfactor
- High quality RGB screen, equivalent to IPS or IPS with FullHD resolution (1920x1080)

These specifications are all based on numerous comments on sites such as Engadget, The Verge, Hardware Heaven, ign, gametrailers, gamereactor, mmo-champion, IT Avisen, and more.

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    i agree with the above and try to slim you product line. I guess it's not cheeper to have so many different designs and then you can't concentrate on producing perhaps  two to three really thought through laptops. Then you can focus up your drivers and have bundle-packs to download and all the drivers can be tailord to work well with the laptop. To save more money, why not try to release computers for different people and not for where they are at the time (at-home-laptops or at-work-laptops)

    And as everyone here is saying - better screens.....  why do you even release a model like latitue 6430u with a crapscreen once again? Was this the best Dell could release and will be the computer to buy over the next 6 months? Use Ideastrom and listen to us