Just don't make it more expensive than the Windows version

May 7, 2012

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I bought a laptop from Dell back when they were still selling the Ubuntu option.  I intended to run Ubuntu, but when I was selecting the options, I saw that (for some reason I don't fully understand) the Ubuntu version was more expensive.  Maybe the extra cost was in assumed support, but regardless it strikes the brain strange to charge MORE for a free OS than for a paid one.  I figured I'd save money and have a Windows license in case, so that's I bought it with Windows and then just install Ubuntu.  Had it been the same cost or lower I would have bought Ubuntu.  Don't shoot yourself in the foot here by charging extra for this stuff, especially when targeting developers.  We still glorify the self-built, self-modded setup, so I wouldn't bet on being able to charge extra for "ease-of-use".

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    I voted this up, as I agree that if your providing a decent OS, Linux (regardless of distro) then it should not cost more than an inferior OS..... and I still agree with that position.....BUT I will pay a premium.... IF, IF....

    there is some sort of VALUE ADDED SUPPORT thats not part of the traditional Linux support path, forums, ML, UseNet etc... Most users of Linux and especially developers are not going to need the hand holding of a migrated user, or one who only dabbles in Linux, or uses OS X, or plays both sides of the fence....This device is really not aimed at these developers.

    Offering some type of support contract ADD ON, fine, but overall there is about $50-100 (based on OEM volume pricing) on the table that is the "msloth tax" that Linux users don't want to pay for.

    We don't want LINUX $$$$ funding the evil empire.
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    I upvoted this (which it seems I cannot undo), but on second thought I don't care about this so much:
    • it may well be that offering proper Ubuntu support costs Dell more per unit sold than offering a Windows license would
    • to me, the value of a PC with proper Ubuntu support is much greater than that of one with a Windows license
    ... so why not pay up?
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    This idea should have gone without saying, but it's definitely better safe than sorry.

    I 100% agree with this.