Compatible Drivers for Windows 8

March 27, 2012

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Dell should update all the machines with the latest drivers which are compatible with the latest launched beta version Windows 8. As we all know that the windows 8 is upcoming OS (which is now in beta version), Based on that OS Dell should provide the updates of drivers on their site as well as an automatic upates in the machines provided by them. It will be a good idea to gain the customer's trust as well as good wishes.


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    Your not going to need a lot of drivers, at most, for add on cards, and you can get drivers for them. i have tested the latest offering from microsoft, and the only driver I needed was for my graphics card, however, only installed it because it was there, could have used it with just the win 8 software.
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    Drivers are not usually provided until the main version is available. Since many beta programs are just that, beta and changes can be made to them at any time. If Microsft does the right thing, like in Vista and Windows 7, installing the drivers in the Compatibility mode, will help with installing the drivers.

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