Have a 'Send this build to a friend' option on website

September 22, 2010

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Status: Implemented


 I regularly go on the Dell website to spec-out a computer for friends and family members, but find I either need to take a screenshot or have them standing next to me when I do it, which is completely unnecessary.

Once I have finished customising a build, there should be a nice, simple button I can press which allows me to email that spec to somebody else.  Simply copying and pasting the URL doesn't work, as it just reverts back to the default page for that build.

You could even take that one step further and have staff spec-out a system for a potential customer if they're afraid to go through the process themself.

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Status Update:  When you have configured a system and placed it in your cart you now have the option to email it to another party. Thank you for posting!

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    Direct model marries network model \m/ supa like and that too in the most simple manner. Supa like wish there was a like button here :)
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    I know this is also helpful in professional situations when a new equipment purchase needs to be approved by the boss before it is finalized.